Nappernoo, The Original Kids Comfort Pillow

The Nappernoo is a comfort pillow for use in the car, and at home. It can be used with or without booster seats, always keeping your kids' comfort in mind.

Being completely reversible from left to right and back to front makes it an incredible addition to any vehicle. Riding long distance will never be more comfortable for children, mom, and dad. Your kids will not want to travel without it. Your young ones will enjoy their ride like never before.

Try it once and you will be hooked!

The Nappernoo is hand made by NAPS, LLC from 100% quilted cotton, with a polyester filling.

To clean: Machine wash cold, warm dryer, with no bleach.

Nappernoo is also great for use around the home, by kids, adults, and the elderly. Even pets have come to love it!

Nappernoo comes in navy, black, green, blue, red, pink, and purple. We occasionally have other colors that we can get. If you have a question about colors or anything about the Nappernoo, send an email through the contact page.

Always use small pillow by seatbelt as shown. Remember that it is your responsibility to buckle up your children. This item is to be used as shown to the right so it does not interfere with the seatbelt system in your vehicle. You assume all responsibility when using this product.

US Patent 7,533,938
We Traveled 2500 miles, and these were a blessing!
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